Provincials Divisions

The sparring divisions for Provincials have been set. Our apologies for the delay … we had some late registrations and then had to run it by the instructors from the other schools.

There were some requests for times to fit schedules which we have attempted to do. Please contact me at if any changes are required and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Higher belts who are competing in the 11:30 Group are encouraged to come in early and help with the 10:00 divisions.

As such, please check back later in the day to confirm your division and time.

The divisions are scheduled as follows:

10:00 Group

White 000 Sadie H, Chloe M, Ben D
White 00 Raylee C, Rebecca D
White 0 Boys Cale T, Rhys JO, Garrett R
White 0 Girls Claudia LD, Katie S
White 1 Girls Keira H, Rui M
White 1 Boys Caleb H, Justin K
White 2 Girls Destiny J, Aislinn M
Yellow-GreenStripe Light Boys Cole I, Sam De, Mason M, Angus M
Yellow Stripe Boys Light Brody A, Preston S
Yellow Stripe Boys Middle Conner A, Kyan C

11:30 Group

Yellow Girls Jaden S, Shyla M, Alyssa R
Green-Blue Light Boys Brendan M, TJ S
Green-Blue Middle Boys Dale K, Jacob R, Andrew R
Green-BlueStripe Adults Jonathan W, Sam Di
Green-Blue Girls Jessica P, Meleah P, Ainsley G
Advanced Girls Ashlyn C, Meleah P
Junior Black Light Boys Mitchell Rodd, Kaleb T, Logan H
Junior Black Middle Boys Aiden H, David M
Black Belts Mike O, Reddin H, Master B

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