Provincials Schedule

The doors open tomorrow at 9:30 at PEI Taekwondo (40 Enman). At 11:30 we may do some exhibition matches and board breaks.

Here are the divisions for tomorrow.


Yellow: Alexandrea M., Zowie J., Meleah P.
Yellow Stripe: Quinton J., Eric L., Sam D., Aiden A.
Yellow Stripe: Daniel W., Andrew R., Benjamin S.
Yellow Stripe: Cohl G., TJ M., Carson G., Isaac M.
Yellow: Christopher J., Jacob R.
White: Thomas D., Logan B., Jackson W.
Yellow Stripe: Aisnley G., Erin P.
Yellow: Wilson P., Nathan W., Owen D.


Blue Stripe: Michael P., David M, Jonathan W.
Blue: Logan H., Mitchell R., Ronan L.
Blue/Green Stripe: Brodie L., Robert W.
Green: Sydney M., Lily C.
Green Stripe: Aiden S., Kaleb M.
Green: Jordan B., Brendan M., Christian I.


Black Belt: Tammy T., Hannah I.
Black: Ian H., Mike O.
Yellow: Gary M, Joshua C.
Black: Chase S., Cole S., Reddin H., Joel G., Luc G.
Red: Kristina Z., Ashlyn C.
Blue: Emma M., Claudia M., Callie B.
Red: Aiden H., Isaac M., Xavier M.

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