Divisions for Provincials on Saturday

Here are the divisions for the Provincials being held at PEI Taekwondo this Saturday. Please note that the divisions have been put into three groups (10:00, 11:30 and 1:00) to allow competitors to come closer to the time that they will be competing since the sorting has already been completed. This should reduce the congestion and free up more of the day for families.

For each group, the forms/kick offs will be held first for all divisions in that group followed by sparring by division. Please let us know as soon as possible if your name was omitted and we will add you to the proper division.

If you are interested in helping please come as early as you like. There will be a healthy canteen in place as well with all proceeds going to the Association.

10:00 Group

Division 1: Kaleb M, Claudia M, Jordan B, Gideon G

Division 2: Lily C, Jaelyn P, Berry G

Division 3: Brodie L, Kaleb T

Division 4: Ronan L, Matthew C, Kallen P

Division 5: Matthew H, Jonathan W, Trevor H, Samuel D

11:30 Group

Division 6: Dylan R, Luc G, Joel G, Taylor V

Division 7: Xavier M, John M, Mitchell R, Logan H

Division 8: Reddin H, Cole S, Chase S, Alex W, Jacob R

Division 9: Amir N, Cameron M, Isaac M, Micah W

Division 10: Jenna B, Frankie H, Karla M, Kristina Z

1:00 Group

Division 11: Marlee G, Lilly H, Catherine B

Division 12: Ben M, Kyle M, Christian B

Division 13: Aiden H, David M

Division 14: Ben D, Anthony N, Jared N, Noah B

Division 15: Jim T, Trevor B, Darcy R

Division 16: Ian H, Nelson T

Division 17: Ashley L, Duane A, John M

Division 18: Jonathan B, Andy J, Eric J, Tyler M

Please note: only the initial of the athletes was published in the interest of privacy.

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3 Responses to Divisions for Provincials on Saturday

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  2. Nancy Mollison says:

    Hi Master M,
    Chase has spoken to one of the instructors about being added on to the forms list for Saturday. Is that still possible?

    Nancy Mollison

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