Walmart Fundraiser A Big Success

20120422-070857.jpgThe 50/50 Fundraiser at the Walmart this weekend was a huge success. We were selling tickets to purchase new computers for the electronic bodypads scoring system and to offset some of the costs for the upcoming BlackBelt test.

20120422-070844.jpgThe winner of the 50/50 draw was Betty Gallant (below). Her name was drawn by Claudia (seen here with her eyes tightly closed).

20120422-070906.jpgThanks to the kids who helped out:

Frankie, Ben D,
Shaelyn, Megan L,
Ben M, Lilly H,
Anthony, Jared,
John M, Mitchell,
Dylan, Lilly C,
Reddin, Amir, Noah, Christian, Micah, Claudia, Isaac.

As well as the adults: Darcy, Ian, Jennie, Tom, Mandy, Tammy, Karen-Anne, Jolene, Tracey. Please let me know if I missed anyone.

Special mention goes to Jennie and Leon Baker as well as to Walmart generally. Jennie got the ball rolling on this and did a ton of work along the way. Leon as manager was a huge part of this success not only getting us set up but also having Walmart corporately match the funds that we raised. At the end of the day with the Walmart contribution we raised over $1600!

All of the kids did a great job selling. It was great to see them in their doboks not wanting to stop selling as they came to the end of their shifts (especially since some were nervous when they began.

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